Jews under Islam, Sources and Documents, 997-1912

Exile in the Maghreb

Author: Paul B. Fenton and David G. Littman
Subject: History
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Jewish Life in Hungary: The History of Abaújszántó

Wine and Thorns in Tokay Valley

Author: Zahava Szasz Stessel
Subject: History
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Europe, Globalization, and the Coming Universal Caliphate

Europe, Globalization, and the Coming Universal Caliphate

Author: Bat Ye'Or
Subject: History
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Selected Extracts from the Journals of Lewis Harcourt (1880-1895)


Author: Patrick Jackson, editor
Subject: History
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Select Case Histories

Tudor Placemen and Statesmen

Author: Narasingha P. Sil
Subject: History
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Two Bishops, Two Churches

Samuel Seabury and Charles Inglis

Author: Ross N. Hebb
Subject: American History and Culture Series - Revolutionary War Era
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Jung, Romanticism, and the Repressed Other

The Dark Enlightenment

Author: D.J. Mores
Subject: History
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Ancient India's Rebirth in Modern Germany

Indology, Indomania, and Orientalism

Author: Douglas T. McGetchin
Subject: History
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Building the Peace Dividend

Economic Assistance and the Northern Ireland Conflict

Author: Sean Byrnes
Subject: History
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Making Peace Last after Civil Conflict

Beyond Settlement

Author: Vanessa E. Shields and Nicholas D.J. Baldwin
Subject: History
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