Authors wishing to submit work to FDU Press should describe the manuscript and the contribution it will make to its field.

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Or Submit by Mail to:

James Gifford, Director
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
842 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2P6, Canada

If the Director and the Editorial Committee conclude the project is suitable for us, we will ask that the complete manuscript be submitted in hard copy and/or electronic copy. (Because of costs associated with evaluation, FDU Press must ask that we be the only press considering the work during the time we have it under review.)

Manuscripts considered for publication by the FDU Press are subject to both internal review and to external evaluation by specialist readers. Identities of evaluators are kept confidential, unless specific permission is given to reveal them.

FDU Press strongly discourages submission of unrevised dissertations. We do not publish textbooks or original fiction, poetry, or plays. We do, however, publish scholarly editions of significant literary works, in English, or translation. .

FDU Press welcomes inquiries about essay collections. We require, however, that 90% of material in a collection be previously unpublished; that the essays have a unifying and consistent theme; and that the editor provide a substantial scholarly introduction. The press holds festschrifts to the same standards we would any other collection of essays.

Decisions of the Editorial Committee of FDU Press are based solely on the scholarly merit and value of manuscripts under consideration. FDU does not require subsidies or subventions for publication except when exceptional production costs are necessary. Where such support is available, it will be employed in a manner mutually acceptable to the author, the press, and the subsidizing organization or individual. For manuscripts that present special typographical difficulties, FDU Press may require that authors provide camera-ready copy.

Manuscripts must be submitted in “hard” copy for evaluation. However, once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the press will request the work in an electronic format on disk or by email.

Books accepted for publication by the FDU Press Editorial Committee are manufactured and distributed by Rowman & Littlefield, which has similar agreements with the presses of the University of Delaware, Bucknell University, and Lehigh University. Only in exceptional cases will manuscripts rejected by one of these presses be considered by one of the others.

For documentation, FDU Press books follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. MLA format is not accepted. Bibliographies are required. For spelling, the press follows Webster’s Third New International Dictionary and the Eleventh New Collegiate Dictionary. The press very strongly recommends that translations be provided for all foreign language extracts. As recommended in The Chicago Manual of Style, original language quotations should be retained only when the original language itself is of scholarly significance. For example, in a work of Racine, quotations from Racine’s plays should be given in French, followed by English translations. Quotations from critical works on the plays, however, should be given in English translation only.