Like Leaven in the Dough: Protestant Social Thought in Latin America, 1920-1950
Author - Carlos Mondragon
Translator - Daniel Miller and Ben Post

Publication Date - December 2010
Number of Pages - 185
ISBN #9781611470567
Price $39.50 - Price subject to change
Carlos Mondragon's Like Leaven in the Dough offers an introduction to the ideas of notable Protestant writers in Latin America during the first half of the twentieth century. His thesis is that, despite their national and denominational differences, Protestant intellectuals developed a coherent set of ideas about freedom of religion and thought, economic justice, militarism, and national identity. This was a period when Protestants comprised a very small portion of Latin America's total population, but their very marginality compelled them to think creatively about their identity and place in Latin American society. Accused of embracing a foreign faith, these Protestants struggled to define national identities that had room for religious diversity and liberty of consciousness. Marginalized and persecuted themselves, Latin America's Protestants articulated a liberating message decades before the appearance of catholic Liberation theology.

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Daniel Miller
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Carlos Mondragon is professor of psychology and Latin American history at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. He is the co-author of Concepciones de ser humano (2002) and Democracia, cultura, y desarrollo (1998).

Daniel R. Miller is professor of history at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and translator of Bearing the Marks of Jesus: A History of the Christian Reform Church in Cuba, by Eduardo Pedraza.

Ben Post is a graduate student in Spanish at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
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Ron Morgan, Abilene Christian University - Fides et Historia, Vol. 46, No. 1
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