Beyond Reproduction: Women's Health, Activism, and Public Policy
Author - Karen L. Baird with Dana-Ain Davis and Kimberly Christensen
Publication Date - July 2009
Number of Pages - 160
ISBN #9780838641842
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"Beyond Reproduction" examines the women's health movement of the 1990s and how activists achieved unprecedented policy changes in the areas of medical research, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and violence against women. It analyzes the composition, approach, strategies, and context of the women's health movement, specifying the many factors that led to these significant federal level policy changes. "Beyond Reproduction" enhances our understanding of women's movements, women's health movements, and other social movements and how, when, and why activists are able to produce substantial political change.
 Author/Editor Biographies
Karen L. Baird is Associate Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies at Purchase College, State University of New York, where she is also Chair of the Political Science Program and past Coordinator of the Women Studies program. She is the author of Gender Justice and the Health Care System (1998), "The New FDA and NIH Medical Research Policies: Targeting Gender, Promoting Justice" (1999), and "Globalizing Reproductive Control: Consequences of the GlobalGag Rule " in Linking Visions (2004). Professor Baird has recently been researching HIV/AIDS policies and women of color in the U.S. and is a member of the New York City HIV Prevention Planning Group, and the Intervention Behavioral Science Committee, a working group thereof.

Dana-Ain Davis is Associate Professor of Urban Studies at Queens College, City University of New York. She is also Associate Chair of Worker Education at Queens College Extension Center, Joseph Murphy Institute. She is the author of several articles on poverty policy and the book Battered Black Women and Welfare Reform: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (2006).

Kimberly Christensen is Associate Professor of Economics and Women's Studies at Purchase College, State University of New York, and the immediate past Coordinator of Purchase College's Women's Studies/LGBT Studies Program. Her other publications include "'With Whom Do You Believe YOur Lost is Cast?' White Feminists and Racism" (1997), several pieces on welfare "reform," and articles that examine the economic context for, and implications of, the HIV/AIDS crisis. Christensen wsa a member of the ACT UP/NY editorial collective that wrote and produced Women, AIDS & Activism (1990).
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M.A. Saint-Germain, California State University, Long Beach - Choice, April 2010
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