Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis
Author - Bat Ye'or
Publication Date - January 2005
Number of Pages - 384
ISBN #0838640761
Price $23.95 - Price subject to change
This book is about the transformation of Europe into "Eurabia", a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world. Eurabia is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, and antisemitic. The institution responsible for this transformation, and that continues to propagate its ideological message, is the Euro-Arab Dialogue, developed by European and Arab politicians and intellectuals over the past thirty years.

"This is a provocative and disturbing book. With all the drama of a master writer, Bat Ye'or presents a wide range of historical and contemporary documents and facts to tell the story of how the European Union is being subverted by Islamic hostility to the very ethics and values of Europe itself. Readers who seek a fair resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict will be shocked by the evidence produced in these pages of unfair pressures and deliberate distortions. Europe's independence of spirit is shown in the process of being undermined. This book challenges the current demonization of Israel and should be essential reading (and re-reading) for everyone interested in true peace in the Middle East. It is also a waring to Europe not to allow the anti-American and anti-Israel pressures of Islam to subvert Europe's true values:vibrant democracy,humanitarian free thinking, and social fair dealing."
Sir Martin Gilbert

"Bat Ye'or has traced a nearly secret history of Europe over the past thirty years, convincingly showing how the Euro-Arab Dialogue has blossomed from a minor discussion group into the engine for the continent's Islamization. In delineating this phenomenon, she also provides the intellectual resources with which to resist it. Will her message be listened to?"
Daniel Pipes

"No writer has done more than Bat Ye'or to draw attention to the menacing character of Islamic extremism. Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term 'Eurabia' as prophetic. Those who wish to live in a free society must be eternally vigilant. Bat Ye'or's vigilance is unrivalled."
Niall Ferguson
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Bat Ye'or, born in Cairo, became a stateless refugee in 1957 and a British citizen in 1959. Her first book, The Jews of Egypt (French/1971; Hebrew/1974) was followed by Le Dhimmi (1980), widely acclaimed when the English edition appeared in 1985 (Hebrew/1986; Russian/1991). It remains an essential introduction to her second major work, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude (1996; German/2002). The French edition (1991) established the author's reputation as an innovative thinker in a new field of research, which has now been greatly enhanced by her third study, Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide (2002). All of her books are regularly reprinted.
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