Clyde Fitch and the American Theatre

Author: Kevin Lane Dearinger
Subject: Theater
ISBN: 978-1-61147-947-8

Metatheater and Modernity

Author: Mary Ann Frese Witt
Subject: Theater
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Staging Faith

Author: Victor I. Scherb
Subject: Theater
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Cruelty and Desire in the Modern Theater

Author: Laurens de Vos
Subject: Theater
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Justice, Women, and Power in English Renaissance Drama

Author: Andrew Majeske and Emily Detmer-Goebel
Subject: British Literature
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Electra USA

Author: E. Teresa Choate
Subject: Theater
ISBN: 978-1-61147-416-9

Theater Neapolitan Style

Author: Mimi Gisolfi D'Aponte, translator
Subject: Italian Literature
ISBN: 978-1-61147-286-8

Virginia Woolf and the Theater

Author: Steven D. Putzel
Subject: British Literature
ISBN: 978-1-61147-457-2

Women Direct Shakespeare in America

Author: Nancy Taylor
Subject: Shakespeare Studies Literature
ISBN: 978-1-61147-297-4

Embodying Difference

Author: Linda Saborio
Subject: Theater
ISBN: 978-1-61147-467-1