How So Much of China's Art Came to America

The Great Chinese Art Transfer

Author: Michael St. Clair
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-787-0
Ethics And Aesthetics, Epistemology And Politics In Fin-De-Siecle Vienna

Re/Casting Kokoschka

Author: Claude Cernuschi
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-219-6
Selected Objects from the Collections of Palestinian Antiquities of the Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri--Columbia

Testament of Time

Author: Andrea Berlin and Marcus L. Rautman, editors
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-0-8386-3975-7
Michel Butor's Collaborations With Jacques Monory, Jiri Kolar, and Pierre Alechinsky

Prisms and Rainbows

Author: Elinor S. Miller
Subject: Art
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The Grosvenor Gallery, 1877-1890

At the Temple of Art

Author: Colleen Denney
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-188-5
William Carlos Williams, Frank O'Hara, and the New York Art Scene

William Carlos Williams, Frank O’Hara, and the New York Art Scene

Author: Paul R. Cappucci
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-422-0
Love, Tears, and the Male Spectator

Love, Tears, and the Male Spectator

Author: Kenneth MacKinnon
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-242-4
Making the Nation of Culture

The Political Economy of Art

Author: Julie F. Codell, editor
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-382-7
Purity and Experience in American Art Criticism, 1900-1960

Struggle Over the Modern

Author: Dennis Raverty
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-278-3
The Next Thing: Art in the Twenty-First Century

The Next Thing: Art in the Twenty-First Century

Author: Pablo Baler, editor
Subject: Art
ISBN: 978-1-61147-451-0