From Thug to Grant's Inner Circle

John McDonald and the Whiskey Ring:

Author: Edward S. Cooper
Subject: Biography
an Early Modern Autobiography

The Life of Catalina de Erauso, the Lieutenant Nun

Author: Sonia Perez-Villanueva
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-660-6
Fantasist, London Jew, Apocalyptic Humorisr

Bernard Kops

Author: William Baker and Jeanette Roberts Shumaker
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-656-9
Critical Essays on the Poetry of Martin Espada

Acknowledged Legislator

Author: Edward J. Carvalho, editor
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-641-5
Selected Extracts from the Journals of Lewis Harcourt (1880-1895)


Author: Patrick Jackson, editor
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-337-7
Focus on Four Ballets

The Choreography of Antony Tudor

Author: R. Chamberlain Duerden
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-238-7
The Life and Times of George Brinton McClellan, Jr.

The Price of Honor

Author: M. Barbara Mulrine
Subject: American History
ISBN: 978-1-61147-060-4
Forgotten Master of Markets

Norman B. Ream

Author: Paul Ryscavage
Subject: American History
ISBN: 978-1-61147-585-2
D.H. Lawrence at the Frontiers

“Terra Incognita”

Author: Virginia Crosswhite Hyde and Earl G. Ingersoll, editors
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-486-2
Thomas Carlyle Resartus

Thomas Carlyle Resartus

Author: Paul E. Kerry and Marylu Hill
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61147-488-6